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Heart Behind The Art 


Every second that passes another 4 souls find their way to this beautiful place we call Earth. In nearly a minute’s time 253 human beings have landed on this planet, a planet of grace, love, abundance and above all a place of infinite beauty that nourishes each member of the human species…WATER being one of the most prevalent of nourishments.

Carpe Diem Designs by Holly Tremblay “Art That Flows ™” comes to you in a way that emphasizes our world through the eyes of love and gratitude for the pure moments of PRESENCEin nature. It’s often common for humans to easily “miss out” on the purity of nature with our commitments to the daily grind. This was the case for me until I fell in love not only love for another, but love for nature and the magic within once we become fully awakened to the beauty.

I always found myself asking when will I find my true “purpose” on this planet. What am I here to do? I know  I have a passion for helping others and I know there is something in me, a little flame waiting to ignite. It wasn’t until I began really looking within my subconscious through various books, Landmark education and well what most would call a “heart break” that struck a heavy match in my being…

I began to see magic like one feels when in love while capturing the moments of PRESENCE and it came to me that I could share this with the world in a way that can truly make a difference. I became present to how nature serves us not only in our hearts but in overall survival. We are mere fetuses in the womb of nature. Over 7 billion fetuses relying on nourishment from our earth, mainly the nourishment from clean drinking WATER…

Did you know that nearly 3.4 million people die each year due to water borne illnesses? According to the World Health Organization, most of these victims are young children. Another study from the United Nations revealed that 4 of every 10 people in our world do not have clean water to drink.

These facts alone were enough to let me know I want to collaborate with others, YOU, the audience of my art to push forward in assisting those in need. I’m sharing my view of how beautiful the world can be and with you will be donating 11.11% of all sales to non-profit organizations that provide clean water to those in need around the world. The first organization being Waves For Water, a non-profit serving the mission to "Get clean water to every single person who needs it."


So please, sit back and enjoy the inner magic of the world through these collections and know that we ALL can make a difference even through a purchase of art. 

Come with me into Art That Flows...With LOVE and PURPOSE results will follow. Let's see what we can do...

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